Spring’s Signature Sign

IMG_0824It’s spring!  Below the barren surface of the ground, something awesome happens!  Seeds and bulbs, inert for months, respond to the ground’s warmth.  Tiny sprouts appear and began pushing upward through the darkness toward the light of the Sun.

The surface light brings another transformation.  The colorless sprouts become green.  The chlorophyll begins to provide food for the plant.  Leaves and stems push out of the ground followed by buds and flowers.  New Life!  Spring’s signature act has taken central stage.


IMG_1314Lord, I pray that your Word will sprout,

take root and bloom in my heart.

May the barren soil of my life

produce lasting fruit!   P. Lockridge


One thought on “Spring’s Signature Sign

  1. Very nice. Yay! Spring is officially here, in spite of the recent snow. 🙂 Hope you have a beautiful inspiring spring, Pat, and a wonderful, blessed Easter.


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