A Daddy’s Love


Photo by Heather Lockridge

This little baby is helpless.  She can do nothing to please her father.  Instead she often awakens him in the middle of the night, requires his help to eat, poops in her diaper forcing him to clean up the smelly mess, and sometimes spits up curdled milk all over herself after she has just been given a bath!  When he wants to read his paper or relax after work, she is there demanding attention with her loud wails.

Never-the-less, her father loves her dearly.  Why?  Because she is irresistibly cute?  Sometimes she is, but never when she is crying in the middle of the night.

Her Daddy loves her because she is his–his own flesh and blood.  She belongs to Him!  Nothing can change that.  It is love based on relationship–a life-long relationship.

Human fathers often demonstrate the kind of love that Father God has for us, His children.  This love, too is based on relationship, the unchanging, eternal relationship that we have with Him.  How blessed we are, that we don’t have to earn His love.  Instead, it is there when we least deserve it but need it the most.

When we are at our worst, His love can still reach, clean, calm, and feed us, supplying our every deep emotional and spiritual need as only He can.  He loves us, because He is love!

Thanks, Lord, for your endless, boundless, unmerited, immutable LOVE!

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