A Caregiver

unnamed-1I am a caregiver, a position that I have held since July 2015 when my husband suddenly became unable to move due to Parkinson’s Disease.   I didn’t apply for this position, nor am I particularly given to the people skills and medical knowledge that this position requires.  However, this position  is an opportunity to serve my husband and to serve my God!

My job description includes:
1. Managing six prescriptions and making certain that my husband (patient) not only gets the pills in his mouth but also swallows them!
2. Dressing the patient, helping him bathe, shaving him, and cutting his nails.
3. Preparing a variety of meals for him with the consistency of baby food.
4. Watching to make certain that my patient does not wander away or experience a crippling fall.

Rewards of working as a caregiver include:
1. Although the hours are long, the position offers plenty of down time.
2. My caregiver position also gives me a chance to give back to my life partner who has given me more than fifty years of companionship, support, and love.
3. It gives me a chance to see a different side of this man I know so well–a softer, gentler side.
4. And now that his mind is no longer dominant, it gives me a chance to know his spirit, that part of my man that connects with his God–gaining a new perspective on a life-long companion.


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