Micah Loses an Idol and finds God

(Based on Judges 17 and 18)
Sheepishly Micah approached his mother with a heavy gray bag slung over one shoulder and a confession on his lips:  “That twenty-eight pounds of your silver that has been missing…I have it…I took it!  Here it is, I give it back to you!”

Micah’s mother was instantly forgiving.  She had suspected her son, Micah, had taken the silver.  She knew of his love of money and nice things, and that only he could have know where she had hidden the treasure.   “God bless you for being honest, my son!”

Taking the silver, she spoke to God, “I consecrate this silver to you, Lord.”  She took five pounds of the silver to the local silversmith with the instructions to use the silver to overlay a clay idol.  When the silver dwarf was completed, she gave it to Micah.

Now Micah had already prepared a shrine near his home in the hill country of Ephraim.  He was intent on receiving the blessing of God one way or the other.  He was trying to cover all the bases.  He made an ephod and placed it in the shrine along with statues of household gods common in his time.   He placed the silver dwarf in a conspicuous place in the shrine.  Last he asked his ten-year-old son to play the part of a priest.  He taught him to light the torches and lamps in the shrine.

Still Micah was not getting the results he had hoped for.  About half of his herd of goats died of a strange sickness.  When spring came, the lamb crop was unusually small.  Obviously he still did not have God’s favor.

One day a young Levite came to Micah’s house.  When Micah found out that the young man was a Levite, a member of the priestly tribe, he was overjoyed!  “Live with me and be my priest and I will provide your food, clothing, place to live, and a small yearly wage.”

When the young Levite agreed, Micah danced with joy.   He could scarcely believe his good fortune–a priest from the tribe of the Levites was actually going to live in his house.  Surely now he would have God’s blessing!!

One day several months later, five spies from the tribe of Dan came by Micah’s home.  They recognized Micah’s Levite priest and asked what he was doing in Mica’s house.
The priest explained that he as working as a priest for Micah.

After spying out the town of Laish,  the five spies returned to their people where they organized an army of six hundred men.  On their way to conquer Laish, they stopped at Micah’s house where they entered the shrine and convinced Micah’s priest to come with them and become the priest of the whole tribe of Dan rather than the priest of only one man’s family.  The ambitious priest left with the army from the tribe of Dan.  They also took the ephod, the household gods and the silver dwarf image given to Micah by his mother.

When Micah discovered that his shrine had been plundered and his priest was gone, he and his friends overtook the Danites, but they were outnumbered so they returned to their homes without a fight.

Micah entered his empty shrine.  He sat with his head in his hands.  How could he prosper now with no ephod, no priest, and no clay images in his shrine?  After a while, he sensed a Presence.  He could not see it with his eyes, or hear it with his ears. Nor could he smell it, taste it, or touch it.  The Presence was very real, however.  In his spirit Micah heard these words, “I am your God.  No man can ever take Me away from you.  You don’t need a priest, silver image, idol, or ephod.  You can talk directly to Me.  I will be with you always.  I will never leave you.”

The next year each of Micah’s ewes bore twin lambs!   He was blessed!  His flocks were fruitful.   In the process of losing his idols, Micah had found his faithful God.

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