Ode to “My Man”

IMG_2024He was a man of wide interests.  From the history of art and music to geology and astronomy, he  was an avid learner.  As he neared the end however, his mind retained none of the multitude of facts and information he had acquired, but he never complained.

He loved adventure, and took his family on miles and miles of road trips through many of the states of the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Yet when, four years before his death, he was required to “turn over the keys” because he could no longer safely operate an automobile, without hesitation he complied.

His passion was guiding the education of children, and he vigorously pursued this passion throughout his more than thirty-year career in the field of education.  As counselor and principal, he gave many of the students in the elementary schools attention and encouragement.  He went beyond the call of duty as a parent, when after raising two biological children, he, at the age of sixty-two, adopted two children from Russia to lavish care and encouragement on them as well.  In the end, he became the receiver rather than a giver of care, being unable even to put on his own shoes, or buckle his belt, but he did not complain.

In his youth he was physically active, loving to climb many of the trails in Rocky Mountain National Park, and throughout his beloved mountains of Colorado.  In his old age, he needed help to rise off the sofa in his own living room.  Still no complaints issued from his mouth.

His intellect, his career, his mobility:  ultimately he lost it all.  He retained only his optimism and sweet spirit.  He has shown me how to age gracefully.  I love him both for what he was and for how he handled what he ultimately became.  I will never forget him.  He always was, is, and will always be “My Man!”

Pat Lockridge


One thought on “Ode to “My Man”

  1. Pat, I am so very sorry. I didn’t even know of John’s passing. I am sending you an email directly. I am keeping you and your family in prayer.


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