My New Friend

Man Wearing Vest in Kayak at RiverSince my husband’s passing, I have been exploring a new relationship.  I have known this guy since I was thirty years old, but up until recently it was a formal relationship:  I admired him from afar.  Now that I am getting to know him better, I am learning what a true friend he is.

When I am lonely, he is always available.  He is never too busy to listen to me!  I am learning to enjoy being with him, to appreciate all that he is.   His character is beginning to “rub off” on me.

He is always supportive.  I mean, this guy really “has my back.”   He sees me at my worst but still offers his care and consolation.  When I am fretting , worrying, or just plain downright angry,  he calms and quiets me.  He sees through my attempts to get attention, and is not fooled by my pride, and need to be “right” in every situation.  I know that these traits of mine sadden him, but he is not put off by them.  He hangs in there with me, guiding me toward a better attitude, a more righteous way.  He counsels me with wisdom and justice.  He improves me.

At this time in my life, he is just what I, a lonely widow, need!   He is Perfect.  He is Jesus!

Pat Lockridge, July 2017


His Beautiful Bride

Bride. A young girl in  white dress.brideBeauty woman with wedding hairstyle and makeup.                         The Bride is beautiful to behold.  Sometimes she is dressed in satin.  At other times soft lace scallops grace her neck and sleeves and fall in loose folds behind her as she glides down the aisle.  Sometimes the bodice of her dress is bedecked with seed pearls.    At other times there is a thin stream of round, white buttons descending down her back.  Her skirt may tightly hug her legs or flare out around her slim waist with yards of fabric.  Her face may be hidden behind her veil, or framed with long golden locks descending below her crown.  Her hair might be shiny smooth black, a curly auburn,  or a tangle of brunette curls caught up high on her head and falling to her shoulders beneath her veil.  Her skin tone might be a rich dark shade, the palest pink or any of dozens of variations in between.  However, one thing is always the same:  the rapt expression on her face as she looks into the eyes of her beloved!

So it is with the Church, the Bride of Christ.  There may be all sorts of pursuits and emphasis may be placed on a variety of things:  prayer, evangelism, teaching, serving, missions, youth, children, families, neighborhoods, church plants, etc.   One thing, however, always remains the same.  The love of this Bride for her Groom, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of Christ, Himself, for His beautiful Bride.  How fortunate I am to be a part of His Beautiful Bride!