Love for Unlovely Leann

Leann opened the garage door.  As she had expected, her husband, Roy, was in the garage tinkering with his race car again.  “Can you help me move the sofa,” she called.  “I need to vacuum behind it.”

“Just a moment.  I am almost finished here,” came Roy’s response.

Leanne was still waiting a half an hour later, so she left the vacuum where it was in the living room and went to the kitchen to fix super.  “All he ever thinks about is that car,” she muttered.  “It’s like he’s married to it!  I feel like I am nobody to him.  I feel like Leah in the Old Testament.  Jacob loved his other wife, Rachael, instead of her.  I need love!  I want to be true to my husband, but where can I find the love that I need to feel like my life matters?”  She half prayed, half cried aloud the question.

When Roy finally came in, Leann gave him her usual tongue-lashing, then each sulked until time for bed.  Roy was engaged in his own thoughts:  “She thinks that I don’t love her.  Well, truth be told, maybe I don’t.  Look at her!  What’s to love?   She is still in her sweats.  Her hair looks like she combed it only once this week.  The food she fixes is just a bland as she is.  She ought to be thankful that I haven’t left her.  A guy has to have a little excitement in life.  She is lucky that I have my beautiful, shiny red car.”

A few nights later Leann had a dream.  In the dream she was approaching a man, walking slowly toward him.  Music was playing in the background.  As she got closer she recognized the man.  It was Jesus, but not the Jesus she had seen in the paintings.  This Jesus had closely trimmed hair and beard, and was wearing a modern-day tux.  She realized then that she was wearing a lovely bridal gown.  She was getting married!  And the groom was Jesus!  As she continued to slowly approach Him she saw that He was looking right at her, and He was smiling.  His hands were extended toward her.  But it was His eyes that drew her most!  They were filled with compassion and love!  His gaze seemed to engulf her, to overwhelm her.  It was like nothing she had ever experienced!  Then Leann woke up!

She sat on her bed for a long time, head in her hands, trying to relive every precious moment of her dream.  “Yes,” she thought.  “I am a part of the Bride of Christ.  I have asked Jesus into my heart.  He is my Savior and He is my Lord.   But never before have I experienced His love as I have done in this dream–a life changing experience.  I am loved!  I am not just loved, I am deeply loved by Jesus who is with me all the time even when Roy is in the garage.”

She opened her Bible and her eyes fell on the passage in Colossians 2:10.   “You are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power.”  Wow!  She thought and checked some other translations:  “When you have Jesus, you have everything that you need!”  She jumped up and did a little dance.  “I don’t have to change Roy.   He doesn’t have to be my source of love.  I have Jesus.”  She danced around a bit more.

Leann dressed carefully and fixed her hair in an attractive manner.  She went about her day with a new enthusiasm and joy.  She was loved!  She was loved by none other than the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!  She was loved!  She was loved!  On line she found a new dish that was simple to prepare and had it steaming on the stove when Roy came home.

Roy noticed the difference immediately.  “Wow!  Leann looks radiant!  She’s beautiful!”   He went over, lifted the lid on the pot, and took a deep breath.  “This smells delicious!”  I can’t wait to taste it.  I guess my car will have to wait tonight!”  He took Leann in his arms and gently kissed her.


One thought on “Love for Unlovely Leann

  1. I cried while reading this story. Even though I am old enough to be retired, I am just learning that my value doesn’t come from anything I do or say or what other think of me, it comes from my creator. I didn’t have a picture of what that looked like until now. Thank you!


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